steffen myklebust



Why east-west?
To share life experience from my work in international companies and from my living in Europe, US and China.  

Community of friends,
- communities of sharing knowledge and feelings?

It is difficult to keep the contact. New jobs or new places create new challenges with new friends and new communities where knowledge and feelings are shared. Perhaps the web can help us to 'stay in touch' and continue to share. 
Knowledge typically emerges in response to our questions.
Our thirst for knowledge has led us from the industrial age to the knowledge era and will take us beyond. 
I would also like to see how this is related to Knowledge Management.

Why knowledge and why feelings?
In the western world and western companies we are used to focus on knowledge.
From my years  in China I realize that feelings are at least as important. 
I want to learn more about knowledge and feelings. And also share my knowledge and feelings about knowledge and feelings. 

My dream?
Our knowledge has dramatically increased.  200 years ago our ancestor become 30 years old and today many will stay alive more than 90 years. We must use our experience  to learn how to live a longer life. Do we need to  be 'younger' longer or can we find new values?  Perhaps we need to start to study again when we are 60? 
My dream is to bring more value to a good and long life.